A Sustainable Future – Cayman First Insurance Company’s annual calendar serves as educational tool to promote sustainability

January 27, 2022

GEORGE TOWN, 13 January 2022 – In 2022, the annual desktop calendar produced by leading insurance company Cayman First Insurance Company broke with tradition, replacing its conventional images of native flora and fauna with custom vignettes promoting sustainability and environmental stewardship.

The publication, titled ‘A Sustainable Future’, was designed as an educational tool and offers practical monthly tips for living sustainably, including advice to reduce plastics, explore electric vehicles, and adopt a “plant-forward” diet that moderates meat consumption and reduces the overall greenhouse gas effects of animal agriculture.

‘A Sustainable Future’ demonstrates Cayman First’s commitment to the model of sustainability it adopted in 2020 to drive positive change toward alternative energy, “greener” vendor relationships and other corporate behaviour modifications that protect the environment.

“A variety of industries contributed to the current climate equation, and no industry will avoid the impact of climate change in the coming years,” said Cayman First Managing Director Warren Rolle. “In our region, much of the buzz surrounding climate change focuses on initiatives coordinated by governments and NGOs, but insurers like Cayman First are in a distinct position to activate tangible efforts within our purview to help our communities build climate resilience. Education is key, and our calendar is one tool of education that will help individuals understand the small actions they can take on a daily basis to ensure the endurance of the positive change initiated by national entities.”

Group Marketing Manager and creative director for the publication, Melanie Hutcheson, said the project tells a story of small but impactful steps toward sustainability. “Climate change is undoubtedly an expansive topic and one that the average citizen thinks is bigger than them. Our goal was to use the calendar’s monthly format to present a series of “how-to” moments that illustrate simple habits people can undertake to live more sustainable lifestyles.”

Made of recycled and recyclable paper, ‘A Sustainable Future’ features the company’s employees and is available free of charge at any Cayman First location.

Assistant Human Resources Manager Lucas McField commands the cover of Cayman First’s 2022 desktop calendar. His January tip promotes cycling as a clean mode of transportation and is one of a dozen practical monthly recommendations for sustainable living.

Cayman First Managing Director Warren Rolle says his company’s ‘A Sustainable Future’ calendar is designed to help individuals understand how their daily sustainability habits can aid global climate change mitigation efforts.