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Choosing your Health Insurance provider

It’s vital to find a robust health insurance package with broad coverage – it’s the safety net for you and your family. At Cayman First, we ensure that the coverage of our products is both affordable and easy to understand, so you can rest assured that you’re paying a fair amount and that you know exactly what you’re getting for it. Everything is made even easier with our My Health Online portal – check up-to-date information, submit forms, or view billing all through one service, at your convenience.

Cayman First safeguards the health of you and your family where it really matters. See the wide range of insurance benefits we can offer:

High Lifetime Maximum Benefits

We have competitive maximum limits to cover your health throughout your lifetime.

Extensive Overseas Network

We have links to over 500,000 healthcare providers in the US and worldwide.

Local Preferred Provider Network

Our clients have access to local providers for treatment at a reduced cost.

Overseas Care

We offer up to 100% off your medical bills for overseas treatment.

Vision Care

We cover you for the cost of routine eye exams and prescription eyewear (lenses & frames).

Dental Care

We cover you for dental treatment including routine appointments, polishing, scaling, and even X-Rays.

Antenatal Care

We cover you for treatment receive from medical providers prior to delivery.

Newborn Care

We provide cover for medically necessary treatment, including routine care, provided to a newborn Child of an Insured mother, incurred within a maximum of thirty (30) days after birth.

Doctor/ Nurse Outpatient Visits Includes Physiotherapy

We can cover you for doctor or nurse visits including physiotherapy.

Final Expense Benefits

We cover funeral expenses for an Insured.  This benefit is paid in lieu of, not in addition to, the repatriation of human remains benefit.

Repatriation of Human Remains

We cover the cost for preparation and transportation of the human remains of an Insured to another country, billed by a licensed facility.  This benefit is paid in lieu of, not in addition to, the Final Expense Benefit.

Wellness Care Benefit

Our plans provide coverage for routine physical examinations, diagnostic tests and immunizations; including nutrition consultation.

Claims Settled Within 3-5 Days

We settle health insurance claims within 3-5 business days.

Excellent Customer Service

We are accessible to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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My Health Online

My Health Online Customer Care Centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to access to your
health insurance information at your convenience.

  • View claim history
  • Electronic form submission
  • View coverage details
    (benefits schedules)
  • Receive real-time payment due
    Providers Only
  • Access to a secure drop box
    (electronic vault)
  • View premium billing
    Group Admins / Individual Policyholders
  • View latest newsletters
    from Cayman FIRST

Over 500,000 Health Care Providers Worldwide

We have access to providers worldwide through our Third Party Administrators, including but not limited to the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Repatriation of Human Remains?

The amount paid for preparation and transportation of the human remains of an Insured to another country, billed by a licensed facility and is paid in lieu of, not in addition to, the Final Expense Benefit.

What is Final Expense Benefit?

The amount paid with respect to funeral expenses for an Insured and is paid in lieu of, not in addition to, the Repatriation of Human Remains benefit.

What is a grace period?

The thirty (30) day period following the premium due date during which the insurance remains in force and the Policyowner may pay the premium without penalty.

What is a Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code?

A listing of descriptive terms and identifying codes for reporting medical services and procedures performed by Physicians, which terms and codes are published by the American Medical Association.

What does emergency mean?

An Accident or Illness of unexpected occurrence or event causing a threat to life or limb and requiring urgent and immediate treatment (within twenty-four (24) hours of occurrence), deemed to be Medically Necessary.

What is assignment of benefits?

The choice exercised by the Insured to have the Company pay benefits directly to a medical Provider by signing the appropriate section of the claim form or by any other means acceptable to the Company.

How easy is it to make a claim with Cayman First?

Claims can be submitted on your behalf by:

  • Medical providers (Online submission available).
  • Submitting your claim forms and original receipts for reimbursement.

Will my policy cover me for the current conditions I have?

Yes. Once they are declared on your enrollment form.

How exactly does my overall health affect my premium?

Premiums are affected by utilization of your health benefits.

What kind of exclusions should I expect in my policy?

  • Non-disclosure of medical conditions
  • Existing exclusions from previous coverage/insurer

Can you explain deductibles, co-payments, and coinsurance?

  • Deductible – The amount of eligible expenses that must be borne by each Insured during each Calendar Year, before the application of the Policy benefits.
  • Co-payment – A flat amount that the insured is responsible for at the time of service.
  • Coinsurance – The percentage of eligible benefits paid by the Company to or on behalf of the Insured.

How do I add other family members to my policy?

By completing an Insured Change Request form.

Can I add other family members to my policy?

Yes. You may add eligible family members, as follows:

  • The Spouse of the Enrollee, as defined below, who is living permanently with the Insured; or
  • Each Child of the Enrollee, from birth through age eighteen (18), inclusive but less than nineteen (19); or
  • Each Child of the Enrollee who is over age 18, provided he is a full-time student or financially dependent, but who is less than thirty (30) years old. The Enrollee may be required by the Company at any time to present proof of any such Child’s current enrollment in school or evidence of financial dependency; and is
  • Legally and Ordinarily resident in the Cayman Islands.

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