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Our yacht and pleasure craft policies are designed to suit the needs of the local sailing community, offering comprehensive and flexible cover for sailing at a very competitive price. Take to the seas safe in the knowledge that you’re protected by the very best.

Insurance Options

Loss or damage to the vessel


Loss of, or damage to, the hull, machinery, boats, gear and equipment, such as would normally be sold with her if she changed ownership.

  • Salvage charges.
  • Sighting expenses.
  • Medical expenses.
  • Death benefit.
  • Pollution hazard.

Liability to Third Parties (Optional)


Your legal liability to third parties (including passengers) by reason of your interest in the insured vessel in respect of:

  1. Loss of, or damage to, any other vessel or property whatsoever.
  2. Loss of life, personal injury or illness caused on or near the insured vessel or any other vessel.
  3. Any attempted or actual raising, removal or destruction of the wreck of the insured vessel thereof or any neglect or failure to raise, remove or destroy the same.
  4. The legal costs incurred by you or which you may be compelled to pay in contesting liability or taking proceedings to limit liability.
  5. The costs for representation at any coroner’s inquest or fatal accident inquiry.

Navigation by other people

Vessels we Cover

We have access to providers worldwide through our Third Party Administrators,
including but not limited to the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to insure my boat?

You are not legally required to insure your boat. However, if you are financing the purchase of your boat, the lender will most often require insurance coverage listing them as a loss payee to cover their interest in your boat. Some marinas may ask you to provide some proof that your boat is insured when mooring it at their marina.

What amount of insurance should I buy?

There are two important covers to consider when insuring your boat. They are, Hull & Machinery (your boat and attached equipment) and Liability.

You should insure your boat (hull & machinery) to the current market value. This will ensure that in the event of a total loss to your boat, you will recover what the boat is worth.

Liability coverage protects you if you are at fault for property damage and bodily injury claims to third parties or passengers in your boat . The coverage has three key components. It will investigate your loss, defend you if you are not at fault and pay up to the policy limit if you are at fault.

How much will my insurance premium be?

This will generally depend on the answers to the questions asked in the proposal form but it will be especially related to the following:

  • Type of vessel and value, maximum designed speed and age of the vessel
  • Loss/claims history of the owner/vessel
  • Sailing experience of the owner
  • Extensions required
  • Limits of indemnity for Liability required.

What is a boat survey and do I need one?

Boat surveys provide details on the condition and valuation of a boat. A survey may uncover hidden defects, mechanical and structural problems that are not always visible or detectable by the boat owner/operator. Before purchasing an older boat, you should always get a boat survey. We do not actually require a survey for a brand new vessel, although it would be very useful. We require a survey for other vessels.

Can I buy just liability insurance coverage?

No, for liability cover to apply we must insure the vessel also.

Can I cover my trailer or dinghy?

Yes, but with an additional premium.

Are there any excesses (the amount I must pay for each and every claim)?

Yes, for loss of, or damage to, the vessel there is an excess but it depends on the age of the vessel’s hull. There is no excess under the Liability sections.

Do you provide any more discounts?

We also can allow a discount if you hold a Yacht Master’s certificate.

Is it possible to earn a “No-Claim Discount”?

Yes, we have a No-Claim Discount scale that can apply.

What if I hire or charter a vessel, can I insure it with you?

Unless we specifically agree, the policy does not cover this

What ‘Extra’s’ are automatically covered?

  • The expense of sighting the bottom after stranding even if no damage is found
  • Salvage charges
  • Emergency medical expenses following sinking or collision
  • Death benefit following death within the year as a result of an injury sustained on the vessel during the in commission period.

Does the policy automatically cover damage to the vessel while in transit by land?

Damage to the vessel while in transit by land, other than incidental to launching or hauling up, can be covered with an additional premium.

Can you include personal effects and/or fishing tackle?

Yes, but with an additional premium.

Can you cover vessels having a designed speed over 17 knots and/or are older than 20 years and/or are over 30 feet in length?

Possibly. If so, then we will require an additional premium and possibly additional terms/excesses.

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